Mine Again! Lay-A-Way Plan

The Mine Again Lay-A-Way Plan

Mine Again Lay-A-Way plan is available for any comic book that Comic Collateral carries in inventory. The terms of each Lay-A-Way plan is exclusive to the particular item that is being purchased.

Terms for your Lay-A-Way plan may be as long as 12 month and as short as 3 months. There is no penalty for paying your item in full before the end of the term.

The final sales price of your item may vary. Books participating in any Lay-A-Way plan, may be subjected to discounts from sales that include the item in the plan.

Storage Fees & Lay-A-Way Fees
Lay-A-Way Plans are available for all comics that we sell. Lay-Away plans are for 12 months and require 1 payment a month. Lay-Away Plans can be paid in full at any time. Lay-Away plans are suject to a $5.00 a month layaway fee and a storage fee.

Storage Fees: Storage fees are based on the level of care that is required and based on the value of the comic.

ValueStorage Fee
$100-$499 $0 per month
$500-$999 $5 per month
$1000-$1499 $10 per month
$1500-$1999 $15 per month
$2000-$2499 $20 per month
$2500-$2999 $25 per month

Payments required
To keep a Lay-A-Way plan active you must make a payment every 28 days. If payment is not made, the item will be placed back into Comic Collateral's Inventory to be sold. If your plan is terminated, you are entitled to a full refund of the money paid towards your item. Storage fees and Lay-A-Way fees are not refundable.